First of all, we hope you are well and safe.

At J6 Labs, our team is fully set up to work remotely, and we have been operating mostly business as usual in this way since early March. With that said, we still feel the crisis and are working to decrease the impact on our clients as well as our team.

Overall, as you are aware of, this crisis has forced many organizations to move from one way of thinking, acting, and collaborating to another, pretty much overnight… and trying to do that during a time of great stress as they measure the impact of the crisis on their work and personal life.

Prior to the crisis, we called this Digital Transformation, and J6 had been leading organizations through this type of transformation for many years. As hard as it may be to contemplate at this time, you can use this moment of “thinking differently” as an opportunity to drive new innovation for your organization.

And when we talk about digital transformation, it’s not just about the tools and technology to support remote operations (which we can give you some quick guidance around), it is about the people and how working together in new ways, improving collaboration, and driving goal alignment can ultimately produce stronger results. And we will ALL need this to emerge from this crisis successfully.

As always, we are here for you and would love to help you.

All our Best,

Mike Jenkins & J6 Team